I design jewelry for modern free spirits who want to live in a world defined by relaxed, bohemian luxury. All the pieces in my collection help you escape to that happy place every single day, with fluid, feminine, gem-forward statements that let you express the true essence of who you are.
—Nina Nguyen

Since founding her namesake line in 2005, Nina Nguyen has developed a cult following among collectors who appreciate her award-winning approach to jewelry design: Intricately etched, hammered, or engraved metalwork combined with the raw, earthy magic of gemstones. Everything has the carefree, lighthearted feel of fashion jewelry, while exhibiting the hallmarks of fine jewelry: precious materials (recycled 18k gold, sterling silver, or black oxidized silver) along with expert craftsmanship and stone-setting.

Based in Denver, Colo., just a short drive from the splendor of the Rocky Mountains, Nina has a diverse landscape to inspire her, from the petals of alpine wildflowers to the drama of a night sky viewed at an elevation at 10,075 feet.

But a chic and well-made jewelry line was not enough for Nina. Having immigrated to the U.S. from Vietnam when she was 12, her education, previous career in finance, and natural enterprising instincts helped her to identify and put forward what her customers now love most about her jewelry: The versatility.

Everything is meant to be stacked, layered and converted into an array of looks. The most popular pieces are the convertible earrings, an intricate, patent-pending system of gemstone or diamond-set metal charms that thread onto hoops. Collectors tend to start with a textured metal or gemstone-accented hoop offered in a number of sizes, and then can add, or be gifted, individual charms to personalize their look. The charms can also be worn on necklaces or bracelets.

High-quality, rose-cut gemstones are also a signature design element. Drawing inspiration from Nina's Vietnamese heritage and travels through India, she offers everything from neutral moonstones and labradorite, to carnelian and lapis for color addicts.

The Geode collection, another Nina Nguyen signature collection, is perfect for modern bohemians who like an organic look, but also a little glamour and intrigue.

Passionate about preserving the earth and its many treasures, Nina Nguyen Designs is committed to using recycled metals, and responsibly-sourced gemstones.

“I have always believed that products should be made in a manner that benefits everyone involved,” says Nina, whose line is produced in her native Vietnam. There, her family helped established a jewelry workshop committed to quality, employee growth, sustainability, and other values that are important to the brand.

“I would love for my jewelry to bring this message: That people should always be concerned with where the things they purchase come from, who made them, where the materials came from, how long they will last, and what will become of it when its life is over,” says Nina. “With consumer awareness of these issues at an all-time high, I am proud to make these concerns a priority for my brand and I know my customers appreciate it, too.”